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Our attorney, Tuhina Sharma is an immigrant from India, and has called the United States home for last 10 years. She is a proud graduate of one of the most prestigious Houston area law schools: South Texas College of Law, Class of May, 2010. She is well versed in all areas of law, and strives to provide the best advice for her clients.

Before starting law school, she volunteered with immigration attorneys and gained experience and skill needed to provide the best services to clients. She has also volunteered with the YMCA during her law school years, and helped people gain asylum in the United States.

Before moving to the United States, Ms. Sharma was a student at Lucknow University, where she acquired the Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com) and her Master in Business Law (MBL) Degrees.

Being an immigrant herself, she associates herself with others in similar situation, be it an immigrant seeking citizenship, or a non immigrant trying to acquire permanent residency. She cares about family, and believes that families should and can be brought together under the current immigration system.

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