Contract Issues

A contract is simply a legally binding agreement between parties to do or not do something. Consumers enter into contracts for many reasons. An agreement to buy a car or buy a home typically involves a contract. If one hires a service to maintain his or her lawn, a contract is created.

There are several factors to look at to determine whether a contract has been made. Once a contract has been created, it must be determined if there are any issues concerning the contract’s validity. Finally, if there has been a breach of the contract, there is a question of whether damages have occurred.Rights and obligations under a contract can be easily misconstrued if not drafted effectively, resulting in breached contracts and costly litigation. Ms. Sharma has the experience and skill to facilitate effective resolution of breach of contract disputes.

The Law Office of Tuhina Sharma is committed to protecting the rights and interests of each client. Ms. Sharma is an effective negotiator and effective litigator who focuses on efficient resolution of breach of contract disputes – ultimately saving our clients’ time and money.

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